Our Club

Our club was incorporated in 1991 and currently has a membership of about 180.
The first meeting of the temporary Board of Directors occurred on May 6 1991 with Bob Benton in the Chair. It also included Bob’s wife Betty, George Richardson and David Cross. These four dedicated individuals are generally recognised as being the founders of the club.
Following a significant fundraising effort development of the green started in 1993 and the first full year of bowling was 1995. A new clubhouse was built in 2003. The clubhouse, superb green and surrounds is operated and maintained entirely on a volunteer basis by club members.
Since 2006 our programs have included one for sight-impaired bowlers.
During the winter months we have a very active indoor program in the clubhouse, including short-mat bowling, bridge, crib, mahjong and darts
The club has a well-deserved reputation for having one of the finest greens in Canada and in 2005 & 2014 the club hosted the Canadian Mixed Pairs Championship.
The club crest or logo, designed by George Richardson, combines the Black Brant goose, to signify Parksville, and lawn bowls to represent our green. The Brant geese migrate from California and Mexico to Alaska and stop off in Parskville/Qualicum Beach to rest and feed. As many as 20,000 Brant may be found along the shore at peak times at the end of March.
Visitors are always welcome and experienced bowlers may join in open bowling sessions. Those newcomers wishing to try out the game should contact either a club member or the head coach. Although beginners may initially use club bowls to determine the size and type best-suited to them, established players own a set of bowls. Dress is casual, except for tournament play when whites or club colours are worn. Flat-soled shoes, with low- or no-tread and with no heel, must be worn to protect the green.
Playing Member (over 18)                               $160
Junior Member  (under 18)                             $50
Sight-impaired Member                                  $30
Social Member                                                   $10
There is a one-off initiation fee of $100 for new playing members when they join the club.
Still have questions? Please contact  us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.
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