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2023 District Mixed Pairs Competition

June 11, 2023

Parksville Lawn Bowling Club

Once again it is time to start thinking about the District Mixed Pairs competition for PLBC.  This year, it will be held in Nanaimo on September 16/17.

A sign-up sheet will be placed on the notice board for teams to sign up for the competition on June 6, and will remain available until June 21.

The Format:

Depending on the number to sign up, the teams will either play all contenders, or if the numbers permit, they will be divided into groups to play a round-robin competition.

***Teams will then be provided with the names of the other teams they must play. 

Teams must make their own arrangements to play their games, with the results being given to the Games committee, by August 10. 

These results will then be used to determine which teams will advance to a play-down on August 30, if it is required. ***

(If there is only one group, with all teams playing each other, the winner will be determined by the top team of the single group, and no final games will be required.)

Details of play

Games will be played in accordance with the Law of the Sport of Bowls, Crystal Mark 4th Edition.

Games will be 14 ends with a 2 hour time limit. If the game is not finished within the time limit no jack may be thrown after the time is up.

Possession of the Rink

Possession of the rink will belong to the team whose bowl is being played. As soon as each bowl comes to rest, possession of the rink will transfer to the opposing team after allowing time for marking a toucher as soon as it comes to rest.

Trial ends

Trial ends are permitted before each game – 2 bowls up and 2 bowls back.

Re-spotting the jack. 

If the jack in motion passes completely outside the boundaries of the rink of play it must be placed on the one spot position; 2 meters from the front ditch and on the centre line.

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