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Site Help


How do I Print the calendar?

Follow directions in this document: Printing-the-Club-Calendar.pdf

How can I look at just one event type?
  1. Click the grey Filter button at the top left of the calendar
  2. Select one of the categories from the drop down that appears
  3. Click the blue Find Events button
  4. Only events that match the selected category will now appear.
  5. To remove the filter reload or refresh the page. 

Event Registration

How do I sign up for an event?
  1. Find ANY occurrence of the event on the calendar.
  2. Click it to get the details of the event.
  3. if registration hasn’t opened or has closed there will be a message to that effect.
  4. If registration is open fill in the fields displayed (usually just name & email).
  5. NOTE: any fields marked with a red asterisk are REQUIRED. You MUST fill them in.
  6. Click the SUBMIT button.
  7. Look for the confirmation message on the screen.
  8. Most events will auto. send an email with a confirmation as well.

Site / Event Search

What’s the difference between Site and Event Search?

Event search will only look at the calendar for the word(s) you enter to search while Site Search will look at all pages, posts, and events.

Problems with eMail 

I do not receive any emails from the club. What should I do?
  1. Add the email address(es) to your email address book. I.e.
  2. Follow the address whitelist directions provided for the email provider you use below:

Gmail: How to Whitelist an Email in Gmail

Shaw: How to Whitelist an Email in SHAW

Telus: As far as I know Telus now uses Gmail. Use the Gmail process above.

If your email provider is not listed above, and you don’t know how to find/complete the whitelist process contact club web support for help. If you DO know how to whitelist for these other providers, let us know!