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Games and Competitions

At our club we provide a variety of formats in which to enjoy the sport of lawn bowling. Members are able to choose the games or competitions which best suit their interests and  abilities. A game of bowls is usually 10, 12 or 14 ends in length. Teams can have one player (singles), two players (doubles), three players (triples), or four players (fours).

Parksville Lawn Bowling Club members lawn bowling with building and blue skies in the background


Draw games are played every day of the week except Monday. For draws, teams are drawn out of the hat prior to the game so that for each draw you attend you will play with and against different players. These games are quite relaxed and involve a great deal of sociability.


Leagues are a series of games played with the same team over a period of weeks. Sometimes the teams are teams of choice and others are teams chosen out of the hat depending on the format of the league.

“Conditions of play in leagues are listed with the sign up sheet and website forms. These conditions are how a particular league will be played.”


PLBC trophy wall phoot


Tournaments are generally played over a period of one, two or three days with usually more than one game per day for each team entered.

Club Tournament

Club tournaments are open only to members of our club and tend to emphasize friendly competition. Various formats are used to form teams and govern play so that there is always a variety in the tournaments. There is an entry fee, a prize list and in most cases the presentation of a trophy to the winners.

Open (District Tournaments)

PLBC belongs to the Vancouver Island North and Powell River Lawn Bowling Association which includes clubs from Nanaimo, Qualicum Beach, Port Alberni, Courtenay, Powell River and Parksville. These tournaments may be played at any of the clubs in the District. Open tournaments are open to teams from any of these clubs and in some cases by teams from outside the District. Play at these tournaments tends to be at a higher skill level. These tournaments provide an excellent opportunity for meeting and enjoying the company of members from other clubs in our area.

Inter Club Challenges

Several times a year a friendly competition may be scheduled with a nearby Club providing an opportunity to meet and socialize with new friends.

Fun Days

At different times throughout the season special fun events may be organized which feature games with different rules and an emphasis on having fun with fellow members.

Championship Competition

Some may wish to enter provincial competitions. Entry into these tournaments is made through Bowls B.C.


Bowls B.C.

Bowls Canada

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22 July
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All Day – Green Closed

22 July
All Day

Registration for Club Novice and Intermediate Singles Tournament Closes

22 July
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6:30PM – Interclub Triples

24 July
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6:30PM – PGOSA

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