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Bowls Knowledge Quiz

Once you have answered the questions below, click on them to reveal the answers.

Q. Under what circumstance might you wait to start measuring in the above question?

A. If you are waiting to see if a bowl might fall over  thereby making it either closer or further from the jack.

Q. A bowl from your rink travels into the adjacent rink and is in danger of hitting a bowl on that rink. What should be done?

A. Alert the players on the adjacent rink that a bowl is coming into their rink. It is their job to protect their bowls and head.

Q. You have been alerted to the fact that a bowl from the adjacent rink is coming into your rink and possibly hitting a bowl on your rink. What do you do?

A. You may stop the bowl. You may lift your bowl and allow the neighbour’s bowl to pass by. If you don’t stop it in time and it disturbs your head replace your head as best you can.

Q. Your wayward bowl was stopped by the adjacent rink. What should be done?

A. If the bowl was on the correct bias the bowl is returned to be replayed. If it was a wrong bias it becomes a dead bowl and is placed on the bank.

Q. A player used the wrong bowl. What should be done?

A. Replace the wrong bowl with the right one.

Q. A player plays out of turn. Now what?

A. There are a number of options. The simplest is to either return the bowl to have the players play proper order or have the next bowler play 2 bowls in succession and get back in the right order. However, should both players play out of turn they will remain in that order until the end is over.

Q. What should you do when a toucher or the jack ends up in the ditch and why?

A. You should draw a line around them in the sand. If a non-toucher comes into contact with the toucher or jack and moves either, they are replaced in the correct position.

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