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Lots of Smiles at Club Triples Tournament

June 28, 2024

Parksville Lawn Bowling Club

Even though the weather was not very cooperative for this mid-week tournament, there were still plenty of smiles to go round for this annual club event.  It was a  positive  sign to see novices and tenderfoot players out on the green with their more seasoned skips experiencing an actual game setting.  Top prize winners who will get their name on the trophy this year was the team of Bob Ashton, Anne Novak and April Sloan.  The second place team consisted of Colin Frame, Faye St. Marie and Athol Trickett.  Jeanette Ferguson, Mavis Gooding and Bill Burgess earned third place.  In fourth  was the team of Mary Card, Andy Burton/Don Bouchard and Beverly Benson.  Rounding out the top five  was the team of Tex Gooding, Charlotte Squires  and Kirk Bailey.    A new twist this year were  the Umpire Mystery Prizes.  One  went to the team of Don Urquhart, Gerda Veld and Anne Gudbranson.  The second Umpire Mystery Prize went to Terry Nichols, Brian larkin and Pam Oldfield.  The final Ump prize was earned by Norman Norman, Keith Terlson and Robbie Thomas.  Many thanks to Chuck Benson for the pictures.


Carol Bucyk

The winning team of this year’s Club Triples Tournament: Bob Ashton with April Sloan and Anne Novak
Second place winners Colin Frame, Faye St. Marie and Athol Trickett
Third Place: Jeanette Ferguson, Mavis Gooding and Bill Burgess
Fourth place: Mary Card, Don Bouchard (not pictured) Andy Burton ad Beverly Benson.
Fifth place: Tex Gooding, Charlotte Squires and Kirk Bailey
UMP mystery prize winners Norman Norman, Keith Terlson and Robbie Thomas
UMP winners Brian Larkin, Pam Oldfield and Terry Nichols
UMP winners Anne Gudbranson, Don Urquhart and Gerda Veld
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