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Cutthroat League

Registration – $ 5.00 per person

Laws of the Sport of Bowls, Crystal Mark 4, 2022, will apply with the following provisions:

Start time is 6:30 pm.  This may only be varied if all players on the rink agree.

Schedule is five 14 end games .Opponents for the first game will be determined by a draw prior to the first game.  Players cumulative scores will determine who they play in the next games.

Games must be played on the scheduled evening unless rained out, OR under special circumstances, with the approval of the opposing team, games may be rescheduled.  Any special circumstances game should be played prior to the next scheduled game.

Rain-outs – The league director, or the greenskeeper, will determine if conditions are too poor to play. Rained-out games are to be completed before the next scheduled game.

Default – A player will default their game if they are not ready to bowl by 15 minutes after the scheduled start time.  The game will be scored in favour of the non-defaulting players – the top player will receive the average of all top scores on each rink.  The second place player will receive the average of the second-place scores on each rink.

Spares – each player is allowed one spare for the 5 scheduled games.  Use of a spare must be noted on the score sheet.  Score for that player will not be included in the cumulative score, but the other 2 players on the rink will not gain those points.

3 bowls per player.  No trial ends.

Delivery of the Jackplayers will play the jack where it lands, without entering, unless the jack is thrown out of bounds.  If thrown out of bounds, it will be centred 2 meters from the ditch. The mat will remain where it was originally placed.

Re-spotting the Jack – if the jack passes outside the boundaries of the rink it will be re-spotted on the centre line, 2 meters from the front of the ditch.

Bowls in the ditch – any bowl that goes into the ditch is dead, even if it is the toucher that put the jack into the ditch.

Scoring – 3 points for the bowl closest to the jack, 2 points for second closest and 1 point for 3rd closest.  Each game will have a total of 84 points.

Final standings will be determined by the cumulative score at the end of the league.

Kate Wilson, convenor


Aug 24 2023


6:30 pm - 9:00 pm