September 11-12  2021 Covid trophy tournament

1st place   Peter Scott, Tex Gooding, Mavis Gooding & Sara Goff


2nd place  Martin Fereday, Jack Lawrence & Donna De Wolfe


3rd place  Diane Cruickshank, Trevor Motley, Kathleen Motley & Mary Card


4th place  Chris Fereday, Pat Kelly, Penny Bhanji & Christian Massey


5th place  Jon Lansdowne, Luise Norman, Markey Pellow & Dianne Proctor(missing from photo)



Sept 6 2021 The money raised on our War Amps Day is ready to be donated.
A $400 cheque will be delivered to The War Amps organization.


August 29 2021 Game of Throws tournament

1st place Luise Norman, Darrell Saunders, Glen Westbrook


2nd place Bill Burgess, Pauline Stead, Barry Dumont


3rd place Don Urquhart, Beverly Benson, Donna DeWolfe


4th place Terry Nichols, Ken Hillman, Don Wood


5th place Gerda Veld, Robbie Thomas, Ray Dodson(missing)



August 15 2021 Bring a friend to bowl tournament

1st place Tex Gooding, Beverly Benson & Dave Fraser(guest)

2nd place Andy Burton, Barry Conn & Joey Merrell(guest)

3rd place Bill Burgess, Don Urquhart & Ross Renwick(guest)

4th place Duncan Burke, Sandi Mitchell & Robert Mitchell(guest)


August 2 2021 BC Day Fun Hat Day


A selection of Fun hats!

Winner of the Best Fun Hat…Carol Matthews




July 17/18 2021 Triples tournament


1st. Diane Cruickshank, Barry Knowles, Mary Card

2nd. Keith Terlson, Wayne Larocque, Kent Card (Garry Steele presenting prize)

3rd. Bill Burgess, Trevor Motley, Olav Skjelbred (Garry Steele presenting prize)

4th. Chuck Benson, Athol Trickett, Beverley Benson

5th. David Perry, Luise Norman, Ken Hillman (David Perry missing from photo)



July 12 2021 The Monday morning coffee crew back at work!
May 2021 Finally some practice sessions & limited games:














































above photos supplied by Chuck Benson


It was a LONG winter……………..

above photo supplied by Andy Burton  


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