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2023 Photos

Opening Day

Mayor throws the first Bowl!

Nice Delivery!

Winners! Mavis Gooding, Kent Card, Ian McAulay

Magnificent gardens

Summer Garden

Canada Day

Canada Day

Colourful Canada Day Tables

Don Bouchard presents $900 donation to CHAMP Darevin


Bowlympics Gold Medal Winners

Pam Smith, Robbie Thomas, David Van Rooyen, Peter Scott

BC Day

B.C. Day Fun Day winners

Don Bouchard, Diana Olenick, MalcomAnderson

Christian wins Corner to Corner Jack throw on B.C. Day

B.C. Day Two Jacks -Two Heads

B.C. Day Two Jacks – Two Heads

Club Triples Tournament

First Place Winners!

Athol Trickett, Rick Dolley, Robbie Thomas


Mixed Triples Winners in Nanaimo

Peter Scott, Martin Fereday, Chris Fereday

2023 Jack and Jill a.k.a. Keith and Aase

Keith Terlson, Aase McMullin

Tex celebrating his 80th birthday!

Pat Kelly

Great Bowler; Better Man!