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Nanaimo Hosts Martin Velsen Tournament

August 26 and 27th were two very busy days for the Nanaimo Lawn Bowling Club with many of our own club members coming out as winners.  First place went to the dynamic duo of Vern Hagstrom and Linda Cooper, while our own Rick Dolley and Merry Danarti came in a close second.  Courtenay’s Dean Penny teamed up with our  Roberta Stets for a third place finish.   Parksville’s Ken and Carol Bucyk earned a fourth place finish and rounding out fifth was another Courtenay team of Peter Harding and Heather Divine.


Because it was Nanaimo’s 100th anniversary, the tournament sponsor, Martin Velsen,  of Martin Velsen Real Estate had many  wonderful surprise and gifts  to hand out such as gift certificates, bottles of wine, a couple of one hundred dollar bills and  even a Nespresso coffee maker.  We’re appreciative of Martin’s generosity and thank him for his continued support of lawn bowling and the Nanaimo club.


Many thanks to Chuck Benson who took these photos of Ken and Carol, as well as that of  Geoff and Anne Holland.