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Battle of the Sexes Declared!!!

The battle was on the green September 20th and 21st with a number of teams vying for the coveted Gloria Wilcox trophy.  The greens were once again in superb condition and the weather was not an issue at all as the men and women got down to business.  On the women’s side, the winning team was that of Joey Merrell, Robbie Thomas and Diana Olenick/Beverly Benson.    Second went to Sandi Mitchell, Karen Perrin and Beverly Benson.  Third place was earned by the team of Kathleen Motley, Cheryl Baker and Terry Chapell.

One the men’s side, Trevor Motley, Bob Merrell and Andrew Adamson/Murray Sinclair took first place.  The team of Peter Scott, Chuck Benson and Don Bouchard/Andy Burton earned second.  Don Urquhart, Dave Perry and George Wallis took home third place.

The men won the “Battle of the Sexes” for 2023.  Great play on both sides.  Thanks everyone for  taking part in the final event of the season.


The guys are all smiles as they celebrate being winners of this year’s Battle of the Sexes.


Here’s Birthday Boy Olav S. hoisting a cupcake on the occasion of his 93rd birthday. Happy, happy birthday, Olav!!
Congrats to Robbie, Joey, Diana & Beverly Benson.
Andrew, Trevor, Bob and Murray smile for the camera.