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And the Winners Are…..

The Parksville Lawn Bowling Club wrapped up its outdoor season on Sunday, September 24th with a lovely meal, and lively banter courtesy of our m.c.,  Mick Banks.  The club handed out the hardware (bag tags and trophies) in a number of categories for all the different events, tournaments and leagues that were run this year.  The following is a summary of what happened with our players on home turf and at different clubs throughout the North Island.

Bowlympics, sponsored by RBC on May 22.    Gold medal winners were Peter Scott, David Van Rooyen

, Robbie Thomas and Pam Pratt.  The Silver medalists were Andy Burton, Avril Adamson, Bob Merrell and Pam Smith.  Bronze was earned by Ken Olenick, Bros Brosnikoff, Pam Oldfield and Paul McGrath.

 Club Mixed Triples sponsored by Cutting Edge Trophies, July 5th.  Rick  Dolley, Athol Trickett and Robbie Thomas.

Jack & Jill July 19 & 20:  Aase McMullin and Keith Terlson

Ferguson Exteriors Open Men’s and Women’s Triples July 29 & 30th:   Mike Kelly, Bill Burgess, Don Urquhart and Diane Cruickshank, Kathleen Motley, Fay St. Marie.

Thrifty Foods Mix

ed Pairs August 12:  Carol and Ken Bucyk

Norma Antrim Club Ladies Novice Singles August 5 & 6: Pam Oldfield

Club Ladies Intermediate Singles August 5 & 6: Jo-Anne Merrell

Computec Engraving Club Men’s Novice Singles August 5 & 6: Bob Ashton

Club Intermediate Men’s Singles August 5 & 6: Bob Merrell (bag tag)

PS Pharmasave Club Men’s and Women’s Singles August 12 & 13:  Peter Scott and Carol Bucyk

Bob and Betty Benton Trophy Pairs:  Bill Burgess and Roberta Stets

Cut Throat Seasons A & B:  Mike Kelly and Bob Ashton

Battle of the Sexes September 20 & 21.  The coveted Salmon Can Trophy went to the men this year.  Andrew Adamson & Bob Merrell accepted  the Gloria Wilcox Men’s Triples Trophy  on behalf of their winning team.  Trevor Motley and Murray Sinclair were unable to attend.

Andrew Adamson and Bob Merrell holding the Gloria Wilcox Men’s Triples trophy. They were part of the winning team with Trevor Motley and Murray Sinclair.
A happy winner, Bill Burgess! Roberta was unable to attend.
Joey and Bob – Another winning evening!

Pam Oldfield, Novice Women’s Single Winner


Peter Scott with his Men’s Singles trophy.
Carol and Ken Bucyk with their trophy, District Pairs which was won in Port Alberni Sept 17.
The Bobs are wearing their medals from the District Novice and Intermediate tournaments.
Carol Bucyk and the trophy almost as big as her. She won the Club Women’s Singles for 2023.
Winners of District medals from left to right: Ken and Carol Bucyk – District Pairs. Jo-Anne Merrell Intermediate Singles. Bob Ashton, Novice Singles (men). Pam Oldfield Novice Singles Women) Bob Merrell Intermediate Singles.

Twisted Triples:  Chris and Martin Fereday with Janet Harding

Scotch Pairs: Kathleen Motley & Trevor Motley

District Medals:    Men’s Novice Singles:  Bob Ashton.    Men’s Intermediate Singles:  Bob Merrell

District Pairs:  Ken and Carol Bucyk

Thanks to all who made the wrap up dinner such a lovely evening;  Chuck for his photos, Lynn, Vicky and all the kitchen people who created a very scrumptious meal and floral arrangements for the table,  Mick as m.c., our bartenders, the club members who came out for the evening and all who have played throughout the year, the groundskeepers…you were outstanding in creating an absolutely beautiful green for 2023,  and all of our sponsors.  I look forward to seeing you on the green in 2024.

Carol Bucyk