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Bowlympics a Big Hit at Parksville Club

Bronze Medal Winners Mary Card, Diana Olenick and Roger Taylor with the ever handsome Detritus.
Gold medal winners Trevor Motley, Kathleen Motley, Detritus and Nadine Kilkenny.



Brian Larkin, Detritus, Miriam Gunn, Jeff McEachern and Peter Scott, Silver Medal winners.

This year’s Bowlympics was played under sunny skies and light winds with a great response  of  both experienced and novice players turning out for the event.  The combination of regular and unique skill challenges in lawn bowling made for a lot of laughs and light-hearted  banter.  A special guest  appearance in the person of Detritus (a.k.a. Geoff Holland), helped to complete the afternoon’s event.

The Gold Medal went to the team of Trevor Motley, Kathleen Motley and novice Nadine Kilkenny.  They scored a whopping 18 points for their medal win.

Silver Medal winners with 16 points was  the team of Peter Scott, Miriam Gunn, Brian Larkin and Jeff McEachern, another novice.

Mary Card, Diana Olenick and novice,  Roger Taylor,  earned the Bronze Medal with 13 points.

The club would like to thank RBC Wealth Management , Louise Alix and Sandy Taylor  for their involvement with the event which has been a part of the club’s schedule since 2002.  Also, congratulations to all the novices who came out for this event.  We hoped you had fun and we’ll see you in even more of our club’s events.  A special thanks to Chuck Benson for the great pics.  Always reliable and always great shots!!

Carol Bucyk