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Parksville Tops in Port Alberni Tournament

Port Alberni played host to the Ramsay Lampman Rhodes Mixed Triples Tournament July 20th and 21st, and two clubs dominated in the event.  Merry Danarti, Rick Dolley and Sandi Mitchell took first place and along with prize winnings will get their names on the trophy.  Second place went to the team of Keith Terlson, Ken and Carol Bucyk.  The other top spots in the event were earned by the team of Chris Windress, Adrian Hewitt and Kathleen Hewitt and Ann Yewer from Nanaimo.   Rounding  out the top four was another Nanaimo team, that of Vern Hagstrom, Linda Cooper and Ian Yewer.

A very big thank you goes out to our  sponsor, Ramsay Lampman Rhodes who have  been so supportive of our sport this season.  Also, a big thank you to the Port Alberni club members from the kitchen crew, umpire, games, volunteers, greens keepers and everyone else who always make Port Alberni such a welcoming place in which to play.    Carol Bucyk


The winning team from Parksville, Merry Danarti, Rick Dolley and Sandi Mitchell


Second place is Parksville’s Keith Terlson, Carol Bucyk and Ken Bucyk
Nanaimo’s third place team: Chris Windress, Ann Yewer and Adrian Hewitt. Not pictured is Kathleen Hewitt.
Fourth place from Nanaimo: Vern Hagstrom, Linda Cooper and Ian Yewer

Rare Nine Ender Scored in Mixed Triples Tournament

On Saturday afternoon, we witnessed a really rare event, a nine- ender being scored in a tournament.  What it actually means is that one team was able to get all nine bowls counted in one end, and the other team got blanked.  The team that pulled off the unusual feat on Saturday, July 13th was that of Graham Fowler, Maggie Webb and Linda Burgess.  Well done!  Carol Bucyk

Skip Graham Fowler, Lead, Maggie Webb and Third , Linda Burgess with Umpire Bob Allaby holding the team’s score card.

Tenderfoot Mixed Triples a Great Success for the Sport

The Urban Edge Mixed  Tenderfoot Triples event was held this past weekend (July 13 & 14) under blue skies and very warm temperatures.  Water bottles, hats and umbrellas were the order of the day to help keep both players and those in the gallery cool and enjoying the matches.  After all four games were played, Nanaimo took all three top positions.   Glenda Chalmers, Wayne Migneault and Murray McLaughlin took first place and will get their names on the trophy.  Dennis Dezell, Bruce McNevin and Sheila Moffat took second, while Joe Carter Squire, Alan Perkin and Susan Devenish took home third place.  Parksville’s Isaac Wood, Lesley Leiweber and Vivien Weston took fourth while Joey Merrell, Amanda Hatcher/Howard Auld and Boyd Stanway earned fifth place.  Rounding out sixth place was Nanaimo’s Grady Work,  Marty Lacroise and Ariana Philips/Helena.

A very big thank you goes out to our sponsor Urban Edge.  Also, we want to thank the groundskeepers, bar keeps, food services, umpires, games committee, Chuck Benson (for his great supply of photos), the gallery and to the novices and tenderfoot players who came out and displayed their skills.    Carol Bucyk

Our intrepid group of novices and tenderfoot players from Parksville




Vivien Weston , Isaac Wood and Lesley Leinweber, fourth place winners from Parksville.
Fifth place winners from Parksville are Howard Auld, Joey Merrell and Boyd Stanway. Not pictured is Amanda Hatcher.
First palce winners of the Urban Edge Mixed Tenderfoot Triples Murray McLaughlin, Glenda Chalmers and Wayne Migneault
Second place winners from Nanaimo Bruce McNevin, Sheila Moffat and Dennis Dezell.
Third place from Nanaimo Alan Perkin, Susan Devenish and Joe Carter Squire.


Two Parksville Teams Place in Top 8 in Gold Bowl Scorcher on Weekend

The Imagine Cruises Gold Bowl saw 22 teams entered this past weekend in Nanaimo.  Both day’s games  were played under brilliant blue skies and extremely hot temperatures.    The incredibly fast greens made it both fun and  a challenge to play.

The overall winners of the event went to the team of Dean Penny, Frank Lo and Shelley McCollum of Courtenay.  Our own Martin and Chris Fereday along with Peter Scott took a hard earned second place.  Nanaimo’s Vern Hagstrom, Dave Ruckman and Linda Cooper took third.  The Nanaimo team of Dezell, Mc Nevin and Korabek rounded out the top four.  Adrian and Kathleen Hewitt and Ross Nakagawa, also of Nanaimo took fifth.  Jean and Keith Roney  along with Kate Wilson placed sixth.  The Yewers and Lundgren team, also of Nanaimo came in seventh while our own team of Rick Dolley, Merry Danarti and Sandi Mitchell wrapped up eighth place.

Carol Bucyk

Parksville Men and Women Winners In Port Alberni Pairs

Beautiful Port Alberni played host to the Men’s and Women’s Pairs sponsored by their club on June 26th and 27th.   In a word, the weather was challenging.  Steady rain and wind on Wednesday afternoon made for some difficulties on the green.  On late Thursday afternoon, the sun finally peaked  out just enough to briefly see a shadow and the wind died down.   The good news in all of this though is that  our Parksville   teams came through in great fashion.  The winners on the Men’s side were Bob Allaby and Bob Merrell who squeezed out a point to take the top prize.  Second for the men was the team of Ken Bucyk and Rick Dolley, also of Parksville.  The Courtenay team of John Kendall and Peter Harding came third.  On the Women’s side, it was our own Merry Danarti and Sandi Mitchell taking top prize, while the Courtenay team of Beth Perrier and Linda Meares took second.   A big thank you goes out to all who made the Port Alberni tournament a success from the kitchen staff, greens people, Derek Burke (umpire), Bob and Shirley Stevens, Ben Vermeer and everyone else from the club.

Photos to be published shortly.

Carol Bucyk


Men’s Winners of Port Alberni Open Tournament June 26 & 27, Bob Merrell and Bob Allaby aka “The Bobs”.


Winners of the Women’s Pairs in Port Alberni: Our own Sandi Mitchell and Merry Danarti.
Second place in the Men’s Pairs, also from our club, Rick Dolley and Ken Bucyk.

Lots of Smiles at Club Triples Tournament

Even though the weather was not very cooperative for this mid-week tournament, there were still plenty of smiles to go round for this annual club event.  It was a  positive  sign to see novices and tenderfoot players out on the green with their more seasoned skips experiencing an actual game setting.  Top prize winners who will get their name on the trophy this year was the team of Bob Ashton, Anne Novak and April Sloan.  The second place team consisted of Colin Frame, Faye St. Marie and Athol Trickett.  Jeanette Ferguson, Mavis Gooding and Bill Burgess earned third place.  In fourth  was the team of Mary Card, Andy Burton/Don Bouchard and Beverly Benson.  Rounding out the top five  was the team of Tex Gooding, Charlotte Squires  and Kirk Bailey.    A new twist this year were  the Umpire Mystery Prizes.  One  went to the team of Don Urquhart, Gerda Veld and Anne Gudbranson.  The second Umpire Mystery Prize went to Terry Nichols, Brian larkin and Pam Oldfield.  The final Ump prize was earned by Norman Norman, Keith Terlson and Robbie Thomas.  Many thanks to Chuck Benson for the pictures.


Carol Bucyk

The winning team of this year’s Club Triples Tournament: Bob Ashton with April Sloan and Anne Novak
Second place winners Colin Frame, Faye St. Marie and Athol Trickett
Third Place: Jeanette Ferguson, Mavis Gooding and Bill Burgess
Fourth place: Mary Card, Don Bouchard (not pictured) Andy Burton ad Beverly Benson.
Fifth place: Tex Gooding, Charlotte Squires and Kirk Bailey
UMP mystery prize winners Norman Norman, Keith Terlson and Robbie Thomas
UMP winners Brian Larkin, Pam Oldfield and Terry Nichols
UMP winners Anne Gudbranson, Don Urquhart and Gerda Veld

Parksville Men’s Team Finishes in Top Eight in Courtenay

Courtenay Lawn Bowling Club held its Men’s Pairs Tournament sponsored by Connect Hearintg  this past weekend.  There were three games on Saturday and three on Sunday, with the top eight teams playing off on the Sunday.  First was earned by Vern Greenhill and Joe Randazzo of Courtenay.  Mike Ward and James MacDonald of Qualicum took second.  Third was that  of Ian Yewer and Wayne Minneault of Nanaimo.     Coming in fourth was another Courtenay team of Stu McNaughton and Henri Saucier.  The brother team of Keith and Don Terlson of Victoria came fifth.    Courtenay’s Hal Gray and Gary Carson took sixth, while our own Ken Bucyk and Rick Dolley took seventh place.  Rounding out the top eight were Dean Penny and Brian Scherr.

Carol Bucyk

Parksville Women Shine in Qualicum

There was a little sun, a little rain and a whole lot of success for the Parksville women’s teams playing in Qualicum Beach this past weekend.   The Sylvia Gibb Tournament, sponsored by Katherine Wilk of Royal LePage drew a number of women’s teams from around the district, with the Parksville women claiming four of the top six spots.

Number one went to the winning team of Diane Cruickshank and Ann Holland, while number two went to the  Qualicum Beach mother-daughter team of Luci and Suzanne Ewen.  In third place was our own Luise Norman and Sue Tompkins.  Kathleen Sherry and Karen Ungar of Nanaimo took fourth.  Sandi Mitchell and Karen Perrin earned a fifth place finish while Roberta Stets and Jeanette Ferguson rounded out the winning side with a sixth place finish.


On behalf of the Parksville Lawn Bowling Club, we’d like to thank the good folks at Qualicum including the kitchen crew, the groundskeepers, bartenders who kept us hydrated , Garry Campbell for the music, photos, bar and those really cool looking tights.    We’d also like to extend a thank you to the Ewen family who took on this tournament to run it, and to Katherine Wilk  of Royal Lepage for her sponsorship.

Carol Bucyk

Parksville Team Victorious in Nanaimo Open

The  winning team of Merry Danarti, Sandi Mitchell and Rick Dolley of our Parksville club  took top  prize at the recent Berwick on the Lake 60+ Mixed Triples Tournament.  The event, held on Wednesday and Thursday  (June 19th and 20th),  was a two day affair.  Sixteen teams were in contention in the winner play winner format.  Parksville had four teams entered, Courtenay had one and Nanaimo had eleven.  The team of Dolley, Mitchell and Danarti had a perfect 4-0 record and overall, four teams received prize money for their efforts.    Well done Parksville.

This weekend, the men are off to beautiful  Courtenay  for an  two-day open men’s tournament, while the women are taking part in the  ever-colourful Sylvia Gibbs Open Women’s Pairs in Qualicum, also a two-day event.    Pack a lunch, bring a blanket and come out and watch either of these tournaments.   You’re sure to be impressed!

Carol Bucyk

Parksville Pairs Tournament Winners

The Two day Parksville Open Pairs Tournament sponsored by Hearing Life was held on June 15th and 16th.  There were some truly tight games this past weekend and there were a number of winners in their divisions coming from different clubs.  The games were played in a winner plays winner format.  In A Division, first place  and the trophy went to Dean Penny and Shelley McCollum from Courtenay.  Second in A went to our own Rick Dolley and Sandi Mitchell.    In first place in B Division  were Parksville’s Merry Danarti and Bob Allaby.    Second in B went to another Parksville team, that of Mary and Kent Card.  Rounding out the final top placements were the  Nanaimo club’s  C and D with Ian and Anne Yewer and Vern Hagstrom and Linda Cooper.    Winners of their final games were the teams of James MacDonald and Darlene Opacic from Qualicum Beach (D), April Gilchrist and Vern Greenhill (C) from Courtenay, Ken and Carol Bucyk (B) from Parksville and Diane Cruickshank and Bill Burgess (A) of Parksville as well.    A very big thank you goes out to Lynn and the kitchen magicians  who kept us supplied with goodies, the grounds crew who always do a fabulous job, our bartending crew who kept us hydrated, the umpires who gave of their time,  and to Joey Merrell who undertook her first running of a tournament.   Well done, everyone. Not to be forgotten, our ace cub photographer, Chuck Benson, who took numerous pics of the days’ events.   Once again, a special thanks to Hearing Life who made this whole event possible.


Tournament organizer, computer genius and data collector, Joey Merrell.
Winners of A Division and trophy winners Dean Penny and Shelley McCollom from Courtenay.



Sandi Mitchell and Rick Dolley, second place winners in A Division.


Bob Allaby and Merry Danarti, winners of B Division from Parksville
Kent and Mary Card, second place winners of B Division from Parksville.
Ian and Anne Yewer,  Nanaimo and winners of C Divison.

D Division Winners from Nanaimo were Vern Hagstrom and Linda Cooper.