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Week of February 19 – 25, 2024

Potential League for PGOSA Members

There are a few PGOSA members who have expressed interest in a lawn bowling league. In order to make it feasible about 20+ members would be needed to get a league started.  Interested PLBC members would be required to have a PGOSA membership in order to join in with them.  If you have interest in a PGOSA league contact Rob Matthews for further information.

Don Bouchard

Board News

Your Board of directors has been busy over the winter and the following is an update of  some of the happenings arising from their meetings. The minutes of the Board meetings are posted in the Member’s Area of the website.

New Security System

A new security system by Blanchard Security has been installed. It is hoped that this will greatly reduce the number of false alarms causing the responsible members to make late night visits to the club to check that all is well. The new system will automatically set the alarms at 10:00 p.m. at night but the first person in the morning will still need to use their key to disarm the system.

RDN Award

The RDN awarded its Performance Recognition Award to Sandi Mitchell, Chris Fereday and Carol Bucyk for their first place finish at the B.C. Senior Ladies competition. Congratulations ladies!

Website Update

As a result of a number of member requests, the calendar on the website has been updated by our web master Don Urquhart. You can now click on the little arrow beside the month to activate a chart of all the months so that you can easily select the month you wish to view. You can also use the “ Filter” icon to select the area you wish to see. For example you can select Draws if you only want to see a calendar of our draws. Check it out.

DARF Projects

The Board continues to evaluate and plan for the eventual replacement of aging appliances, furnishing etc. in the clubhouse. We are fortunate that our club has had the fore sight to set aside funds for this purpose.

New Benches

Andrew Adamson, The Grounds Director, has been finalizing plans for the installation of the new seats and backs for the benches around the green. This work will be completed once the weather starts to warm up. Watch for a posting of the date for this project and please consider volunteering some time to help. Many hands make light work.

New Scoreboards

Over the winter, Mick Banks has been working hard to develop new scoreboards for the club. These will be ready for use once bowling begins. These new scoreboards are much lighter which will make them easier to transport to and from the green. Inorder to  make this task even easier, he has a wagon which is designed to transport all the scoreboards in one trip.

Well done Mick, you will have made the task of setting up the greens for play so much easier.

Improvements to the Club House Entrance

If you have been to the club lately, you will have noticed some changes to the entrance area. The Virginia Creeper on the fence has been removed. The roots from this plant have been causing the tarmac to crack and buckle. You may also notice yellow markings on the asphalt. The Board is looking at the feasibility of remediating the tarmac in oder to remove any safety hazards.

Winter Activities

The Club House has been very busy this winter with activities planned for most days of the week. Many members, as well as community members, have been attending and enjoying these activities. Thanks goes out to the organizers of these events whose hard work makes them possible. Check out the calendar on the website for a listing of all events.

Games Committee

The games committee led by Director Kathleen Motley is busy planning for the upcoming season. Many thanks to Joey Merrell who updates the website calendar.

Upcoming Dates

Mark the following on your calendar:

SGAM April 6th

Garage Sale April 13th

Open House April 20th

Bowling begins April 28th

Week of February 12 – 18, 2024

Suggestions for fees on Club bowl rentals

Many thanks to all those who responded to my request. I really appreciate your help and input in this matter.

Don B.


New Score Boards for the Club.

Thanks Mick for your work on this project!


Week of January 22 – 28, 2024

Suggestions for fees on Club bowl rentals

The Board is requesting membership suggestions regarding fees on club bowl rentals for the upcoming season.

Specifically, the Board would like to have comments on the following:

1) should there be a charge for bowl rental?

2) if we charge a rental fee, what should it be per visit?

3) should members from other clubs be charged for bowl rental?

Please respond to

Thank you, Don.

Week of January 8 – 14, 2024

Thrifty’s Smile Cards

Happy New Year.  It’s time to get your Thrifty’s Smile Cards.  Just follow the link to order:

Last day for orders will be Saturday January 20th.


Green Volunteers

As we move towards the beginning of a new season of bowling, I am looking for volunteers to help in various activities.

Grounds maintenance:

Task Volunteers needed How often
Trim bushes and maintain plants 1-2 Spring pruning and monthly maintenance
Landscaping and grounds maintenance 1-2 As needed
Painting 1-2 As needed
Perimeter mowing 1-2 Weekly or as needed
Sprinklers 1 Spring Start-up and fall shut off

Green maintenance:

Currently, Brian Larkin, Mick Banks and Rob Matthews do a great job of equipment maintenance, greens fertilising and cutting and maintaining the bowling greens, but I would like to identify additional people who can help in these areas in the event of vacation or sickness.

Task Volunteers needed How often
Equipment maintenance (mowers, greens equipment, oil changes) 1-2 Ongoing as needed
Greens maintenance (mowing, ironing, etc.) 2-3 Weekly and as needed
Fertilising greens 1-2 Weekly and as needed

Please email me if you interested in helping in these tasks.


Andrew Adamson


Bench Installation

I have been successful in recruiting Graham Fowler to oversee the reconstruction of the benches which we need to complete by April 15 if possible.

To achieve this, we are looking for volunteers able to use drills and wrenches.

Volunteers will be grouped in teams of four and we hope a team can complete one bench in under 3 hours. With enough teams we can get the job finished over 2-3 days.

Please let me know by email if you are able to help.


Andrew Adamson and Graham Fowler


Please add your availability during the period up to April 15 in case you’re away. We are looking to begin the project in better weather and need to know who to call.

Teams consist of four people. Two to drill concrete for the third frame and two to attach the plastic bars to existing frames.

Instruction: Graham will offer coaching, help and advice to all teams.

We will need heavy duty concrete drills and bits. Please let me know if you have one we can borrow, even if you can’t help.

Work may involve lying on your back or leaning over. Think of it as exercise!

Andrew Adamson