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Week of January 22 – 28, 2024

Suggestions for fees on Club bowl rentals

The Board is requesting membership suggestions regarding fees on club bowl rentals for the upcoming season.

Specifically, the Board would like to have comments on the following:

1) should there be a charge for bowl rental?

2) if we charge a rental fee, what should it be per visit?

3) should members from other clubs be charged for bowl rental?

Please respond to

Thank you, Don.

Food Drive

A box is being placed in the Sunroom to accept food donations for the local food drive.  Please feel free to stop by anytime to make your donation… or, bring a non perishable item with you to the AGM and place it in the box.  Every little bit helps when you are someone in need.
Many thanks in advance for you kindness.
Wayne & Sheila Larocque

Golden Day for Parksville Team

Wow!   It was quite  a weekend for lawn bowling in Nanaimo.   Teams from the zone competed in the very popular Imagine Cruises Gold Bowl  which had a very generous prize pool of over $2700.00 and paid to the 8th place finish.  Best of all, our own Parksville team consisting of Chris and Martin Fereday and Peter Scott took home top prize money and will have their names engraved on the trophy for this year.  Results are as follows:

First:  Martin and Chris Fereday, Peter Scott – Parksville.  Second was the Erik, Suzanne and Luci Ewen family of Qualicum Beach.  Vern Greenhill, Henri Saucier and Sandy Tonnellier came third.  Kathleen Sherry, Karen Hungar and Donn Sherry of Nanaimo took fourth.  Mick Banks, Aase McMullin of Parksville and Charles McIntyre of QB earned fifth spot.  Ian Yewer, Fred Hulke and Ann Yewer of Nanaimo placed sixth.  Mike Ward, Helen Roberts and John Eyre of the Qualicum club took seventh, and rounding out the top eight was the Nanaimo team of Vern Hagstrom, Lynn Chwartacki and David Ruckman.   Thanks  to all of the participants and congratulations to all of the winners.  Next up, is the Mixed Triples Tournament in Port Alberni.  See you there!


From left to right, our champs Peter Scott (lead) Martin Fereday (skip) and Chris Fereday (third).  Well done, team!