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Author: Murray Sinclair

Opening Day

Opening Day Event

Sunday April 28th

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12 ends

First bowl of the season to be bowled just after 1:00

Bar open after for social time

National Volunteer Week

“Just under 4 of 5 Canadians volunteered in some capacity in 2018. Forty two percent  of Canadians did some kind of Volunteer work. Volunteering is at its core the most basic human activity that we do. You see a job that needs doing, some one that needs a hand, a problem, that needs to be solved, you get it done without asking for anything in return just because it is the right thing to do.”
Thank you for all the willing volunteers that we have at PLBC during this week April 14th  to 20th  



PGOSA will be renting the green for the exclusive use of their members on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:30. This activity will take place each Wednesday night from May 15th until September 25th. The club house and deck remain open to PLBC members. 

North Island Interclub Triples Tournament




Host Clubs

Qualicum May 13th

Parksville May 27th

Courtenay June 10th

Nanaimo June 24th

Qualicum July 8th

Parksville July 22nd

Each club provides 4 teams (2 men and 2 ladies + spares). When hosting, the club also arranges for snacks and socialization after the game.

$2.00 per person per / game.

Team sign up beforehand.

Board News

Watch for some great changes to the front entrance to our club. The tarmac will soon be replaced so that there is a level,  attractive walkway to the clubhouse. Repairs will be made to the bowl shed and it will be repainted. Also, the front wall of the clubhouse will be refreshed with a new coat pf paint.

In the Fall plans are underway to increase the size of the equipment shed where the scoreboards, rakes, mats etc are stored. This will greatly improve the convenience of using this building.

The SAGM will be held on April 6th and there will be a volunteer recruitment. Please give some consideration as to how you might be further able to add to the enjoyment of our club by volunteering. There will be many suggestions available from the members manning the table. Be sure to stop and talk to them.

Also our Membership Director, Kathleen will be accepting membership fees for those who wish to pay in person.

Upcoming Dates

The events below can be found on the website calendar.

SGAM April 6th 1:00 p.m.

Garage Sale April 13th

Open House April 20th and 21st

Bowling begins April 28th

Board News

Your Board of directors has been busy over the winter and the following is an update of  some of the happenings arising from their meetings. The minutes of the Board meetings are posted in the Member’s Area of the website.

New Security System

A new security system by Blanchard Security has been installed. It is hoped that this will greatly reduce the number of false alarms causing the responsible members to make late night visits to the club to check that all is well. The new system will automatically set the alarms at 10:00 p.m. at night but the first person in the morning will still need to use their key to disarm the system.

RDN Award

The RDN awarded its Performance Recognition Award to Sandi Mitchell, Chris Fereday and Carol Bucyk for their first place finish at the B.C. Senior Ladies competition. Congratulations ladies!

Website Update

As a result of a number of member requests, the calendar on the website has been updated by our web master Don Urquhart. You can now click on the little arrow beside the month to activate a chart of all the months so that you can easily select the month you wish to view. You can also use the “ Filter” icon to select the area you wish to see. For example you can select Draws if you only want to see a calendar of our draws. Check it out.

DARF Projects

The Board continues to evaluate and plan for the eventual replacement of aging appliances, furnishing etc. in the clubhouse. We are fortunate that our club has had the fore sight to set aside funds for this purpose.

New Benches

Andrew Adamson, The Grounds Director, has been finalizing plans for the installation of the new seats and backs for the benches around the green. This work will be completed once the weather starts to warm up. Watch for a posting of the date for this project and please consider volunteering some time to help. Many hands make light work.

New Scoreboards

Over the winter, Mick Banks has been working hard to develop new scoreboards for the club. These will be ready for use once bowling begins. These new scoreboards are much lighter which will make them easier to transport to and from the green. Inorder to  make this task even easier, he has a wagon which is designed to transport all the scoreboards in one trip.

Well done Mick, you will have made the task of setting up the greens for play so much easier.

Improvements to the Club House Entrance

If you have been to the club lately, you will have noticed some changes to the entrance area. The Virginia Creeper on the fence has been removed. The roots from this plant have been causing the tarmac to crack and buckle. You may also notice yellow markings on the asphalt. The Board is looking at the feasibility of remediating the tarmac in oder to remove any safety hazards.

Winter Activities

The Club House has been very busy this winter with activities planned for most days of the week. Many members, as well as community members, have been attending and enjoying these activities. Thanks goes out to the organizers of these events whose hard work makes them possible. Check out the calendar on the website for a listing of all events.

Games Committee

The games committee led by Director Kathleen Motley is busy planning for the upcoming season. Many thanks to Joey Merrell who updates the website calendar.

Upcoming Dates

Mark the following on your calendar:

SGAM April 6th

Garage Sale April 13th

Open House April 20th

Bowling begins April 28th

Food Drive

A box is being placed in the Sunroom to accept food donations for the local food drive.  Please feel free to stop by anytime to make your donation… or, bring a non perishable item with you to the AGM and place it in the box.  Every little bit helps when you are someone in need.
Many thanks in advance for you kindness.
Wayne & Sheila Larocque

Fun Card and Board Game Night Saturday November 18th.

This will be a night to have some fun playing some different and unusual card and board games.  Games we have for the evening are the kind of games that do not need a lot of instruction or skill………just some fun and some laughs. Some potential games to be played are:  Saskatchewan Rummy, Quiddler, Sequence, Mexican Train, Crazy 8’s and a host of others.  Doesn’t matter if you don’t know any of the games.   They are all simple, easy to follow and understand.

Just like lawn bowling, we Draw for the table you will play at.  The Draw takes place at 7:00 PM so please arrive a little early (6:45-6:50).   We play for about 1.25 hours, stop for refreshments, and then draw for another game.   Play is usually over about 9:30 PM.

 Cost is $2.00 and that includes tea and snacks.  Bar is also open for the evening.

Questions:    call Barry Conn at 250-927-2468 or

Halloween Games Day 2023

Saturday October 28th 2023

Start at 12:30 pm for 1:00 pm

Lasagna, salad, and dessert plus tea, coffee, goodies and prizes

Come and play games you have not tried before:

Short Mat Bean Bag Toss (Cornhole) Wii Tenpin Bowling  + Darts x 2  + Table Skittles

If possible dress in purple, black, orange or even better COSTUME

Maximum of 36 contestants, 12 mixed teams

First come first served

Entries on or After 10:00 am

Sign-up contact – Sandi Mitchell


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