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Author: Murray Sinclair

Bowlympics 2023

A very successful day of Bowlympics was held to celebrate Victoria Day. Sixty-four members made up 8 teams of fours for this event.

Gold medal winners were Peter Scott, Robbie Thomas,  David Van Rooyen and Pam Smith

The silver medals were won by Andy Burton, Bob Merrell,  Avril Adamson and Pam Pratt

Ken Olenick, Bros Brosnikoff,  Paul McGrath and Pam Oldfield were bronze winners. 



Website Launch

The new PLBC website was officially launched on Friday. A large group of members gathered in the club house to have their first view of the site. There were many positive comments and some very timely questions asked.

Tenderfoot Tournament

The annual open tournament for tenderfoot players is on July 15 and 16. Members of a tenderfoot team must have started bowling in 2018 or later. Each team must have at least one novice. 

There will be 4 games in total; 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. Entry is $30 per team. Teams will be coming from our club and the other clubs in our district.
A sign up sheet has been posted in the sunroom. You may enter your own team or you may put your name down as wanting to play. Teams will be made up from those who have not formed their own team.
The tenderfoot tournament is a good way for those wanting to start playing at a higher degree of competition but may feel intimidated by the competition in other open tournaments. The tenderfoot is the only time you can play against bowlers of similar experience. 
There will be coaching for all teams from our club who wish it. The coaching will touch on strategies for skips and what shots are best for different situations. 
For more information you can call Kathleen Motley, Games Chair or Sandi Mitchell,  Player Development. 

Week of May 15 to May 21

New Bar Pricing

Effective Monday, May 22 new bar pricing will be as follows:

Beer, Wine, Cider, Coolers     $5.00

Guiness                                      $6.00

Non-Alcohol Beer                    $4.00

Also, no personal beverages are allowed to be stored in the bar cooler or fridge.  This will ensure  that Club inventories are accounted for correctly. Bill Burgess, Bar Manager

Visitors to the Club

Just to bring to your attention, if a visiting bowler from another club wants to bowl at our club ( not an associate member)  the fee is $5.00 each time.   If they are to borrow bowls another $5.00 fee to be paid to the  drawmaster and put in the money box in an envelope on the back of the cupboard door. Kathleen Motley

Website Launch

Don’t forget to join us Friday after the Looney Draw for the launch of our new website. Everyone welcome.


Join us next Monday, Victoria Day, for our annual Bowlympics competition. Help your team win a gold, silver or bronze medal. Tags in by 12:45 and we will be playing 8 ends. Join us in the club house after the game for the medal presentation ceremony. Tea, coffee, cake and ice cream will be served. The bar will also be open.

Measuring Clinic – May 26 at 9:30

Martin Fereday, our head umpire, will be holding a measuring clinic for this year’s novices. All novices from this year and any from last year who did not participate in a measuring clinic are encouraged to attend. Knowing how and what to measure is an important part of the game. The duty does fall to thirds but every now and again you may be playing in a position that requires you to know how. It is also one of the skills you must know before moving up to the next position. See you Friday. Some coaching for those who need help with line, weight and delivery will also be available. Sandi Mitchell, Player Development

UBI Launcher Demonstration

Mark your calendars! On June 2 rather than regular coaching we will be giving a demonstration on the use of the UBI launcher. If you are wondering what it is or why it is, come out at 9:30 to see. 

The coaching schedule, which is posted on the board, is also a great way to see what skills exercises your coaches will have set up for you to try. The exercises are designed to help you develop more bowling skills. 
They still offer help with delivery problems of bowls or jacks as well. Sandi Mitchell, Player Development
Membership Receipts

Receipts not yet claimed, for all membership fees paid and also your bowls BC cards, are in a ziploc bag hanging on the tag board. They should be in alphabetical order. Please collect your receipt and card. Social members do not need a bowls BC card.

Week of May 8 to May 14

Thursday Morning Bowling
Starting May 18. Tags in by 9:30
10 ends
Drawmasters: Maureen and Malcolm Anderson

Bowlympics Fun Day
Tags in by 12:45. Each team will try out their luck in completing some fun bowling activities. Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded to the winning teams courtesy of RBC Wealth Management.
Medal winners from previous years are encouraged to wear their medals for this event.
Murray Sinclair

Novice Meet and Greet

Sunday May 14 is on the calendar as Meet and Greet the Novices draw. This will be an opportunity to meet some of our newest bowlers. We also have some members who have returned to bowling here and some who have bowled in other clubs and are now in Parksville. Everyone is invited to come. After bowling you will get a chance to meet some of the board members who help to keep this club going. See you then. 

Week of May 1 to May 7

Go for the Gold

Reserve Monday, May 22nd for our first Fun Day of the year. This year we will celebrate Victoria day by competing in the Bowlympics event. Each team will compete in a series of simple skill challenges with an emphasis on fun and friendly competition. There will be more information next week.

Bar Service

Due to strong turnout for Thursday afternoon draws we will begin offering bar service every Thursday starting May 11.  Please plan to stay and enjoy a drink with your fellow bowlers. Bill Burgess


The Thursday night Triples League is canceled due to insufficient sign up.
Kate​ Wilson​

Membership Updates

An order of name tags came in. If you ordered before the end of April you should find your badge in the draw room on the table under the tag board. A second order went in last week, so if you don’t see your name tag it should come next week.

Anyone still needing to order a name tag please let me know ASAP    $15 for either a magnet or pin.

Changes of address or phone number

Several members have given up their land line and are using only cell phones now. If that applies to you and you have not let me know please advise me of this, or any other changes, in your contact information.

Kathleen Arthorne, Membership director

Triples League – Cancelled

The Triples league, which starts May 11,  has only 4 teams signed up. A minimum of 6 teams is required, otherwise the league will be canceled.
The sign up sheet will be on the board until Thursday, May 3rd.
Kate Wilson

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