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Author: Jo-Anne Merrell

Fortis Fun Day

Fortis Fun Day!

A big shout out to all the coaches and members who went out of their way to make this a successful event. Everyone had fun and Fortis would like to return for similar events in the future.
Andrew Adamson
Fortis Fun Day

President’s Message

President’s Message

We have had a very successful, busy bowling season so far. The many volunteers have been working very hard to make our club look fantastic and one of the best on the island.

Kudos to our coaches and volunteers who have hosted grade 10 & 11 students, spent a morning coaching Fortis team as a pay back for their work on the club benches and have spent many hours coaching our novices and anyone who is in need of help on the green. Tournaments held at our club so far this year have been very successful, thanks once again to the many volunteers who work hard to make this happen!

Your board members have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly for your enjoyment. You may not see them but believe me they are there and dedicated to making the club one of the best!

Trevor Motley



The last scheduled coaching day on the calendar is July 26. This does not mean that we are abandoning you to your own devices. Coaching for anyone is always available. You can contact the coaches through the website under player development. If you want help from a specific coach, note that in your request. It is not an inconvenience. We enjoy coaching and helping whenever and wherever we can. Novices can also contact their mentor. Failing all the above, my phone number and email is in the Member Directory. Didn’t get a directory? We’ll fix that, too.

At some point, everyone struggles with something, especially as our bodies stop doing what they have always done before and it gets frustrating. Coaching can help find solutions to these issues.
Sandi Mitchell,  Player Development

Baking – Upcoming Tournaments

Baking Needed

Members, we have a number of tournaments coming up at our Club in the next month. We would like to be able to offer participants come baked goods when they attend. If you are able to provide cookies, squares, cakes, etc. we would welcome them. Please remember to put your name on the containers and place your items in the freezer at the Club.

There are a number of empty containers ready for members to pick up as well. Please check the cart near the kitchen to see if any are yours.

Thank you.

The Games Committee

Reminder – Registration is open for Novice, Intermediate & Club Singles Tournaments

Reminder – Registration is open for Novice, Intermediate & Club Singles Tournaments

Registration is open from July 1 – July 22 for the Club Novice and Intermediate Singles Tournament to be held on August 3 and 4. Players can be Novice (2024) or Intermediate (started 2022 or 2023).

Registration is open from July 8 – August 5 for the Mens and Ladies Club Singles tournament to be held on August 13 – 15.

To register, please go to the Club Calendar and click on any day of the event to see sign up information. If you  have any questions, please contact

Olav Skjelbred

Olav Skjelbred – Our Gentle Giant…..

A very Gentle Soul who we had the privilege to have as a member of our Club has passed away. Olav Skjelbred has been battling cancer for several years but passed a few days ago. Olav was such a quiet man, always happy and smiling. He came to Canada as a young man after being a ski instructor in Norway. When arriving he worked in the forests of BC as a lumber Jack. He did have some stories to tell about his life and it was a hard one. He became a club member and was a very helpful to many. He spent lots of time on the green and was always smiling no matter how his game was, good or bad. Olav was a coach here which came easy to him as he had been an instructor. He would help you out if you were having a problem. During the winter months you would see him at Short Mat either to play one game or two depending on the day. Then some days come as a spectator. In the summer of course he was on the green enjoying the game he loved. He worked on the our garden planting flower and weeding for few years. If you were at the club for maintenance on Monday mornings he would be there to help Gord Campbell serve up coffee and goodies to keep you all going. During Covid it was Olav’s 90th birthday and the club did a drive by celebration for him. Then Sandi did a cupcake birthday for him two years ago. He was both surprised and very happy. He loved our Lawn Bowling club and enjoyed talking to all the members. He will be sorely missed by many of us. We send our condolences to his daughters and their families from our family, his extended family.


The members on the green sang Happy Birthday on his 80th.

Coaching for Singles

Coaching for Singles

On July 12, 19 and 26 we will be coaching novices on how to play singles. Singles play is a little different from normal play in that obviously, it is only you against one person. You will have a marker to help with the mechanics of play, (setting jack, etc.) but the rest is up to you. If you plan on entering the novice or intermediate singles competition and would like to come to these coaching sessions you are more than welcome as well.

Sandi Mitchell

Thirds Clinic

Thirds clinic – July 29 @ 1:00 pm

There will be a clinic for thirds. We will be going over the duties of a third(second), some of things that skips need to know and what to tell them.  You do not have to be playing in this position at this time, this information is available to all members.

There will be a sign up sheet at the club.
Sandi Mitchell