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Author: Jo-Anne Merrell

Week of January 8 – 14, 2024

Thrifty’s Smile Cards

Happy New Year.  It’s time to get your Thrifty’s Smile Cards.  Just follow the link to order:

Last day for orders will be Saturday January 20th.


Green Volunteers

As we move towards the beginning of a new season of bowling, I am looking for volunteers to help in various activities.

Grounds maintenance:

Task Volunteers needed How often
Trim bushes and maintain plants 1-2 Spring pruning and monthly maintenance
Landscaping and grounds maintenance 1-2 As needed
Painting 1-2 As needed
Perimeter mowing 1-2 Weekly or as needed
Sprinklers 1 Spring Start-up and fall shut off

Green maintenance:

Currently, Brian Larkin, Mick Banks and Rob Matthews do a great job of equipment maintenance, greens fertilising and cutting and maintaining the bowling greens, but I would like to identify additional people who can help in these areas in the event of vacation or sickness.

Task Volunteers needed How often
Equipment maintenance (mowers, greens equipment, oil changes) 1-2 Ongoing as needed
Greens maintenance (mowing, ironing, etc.) 2-3 Weekly and as needed
Fertilising greens 1-2 Weekly and as needed

Please email me if you interested in helping in these tasks.


Andrew Adamson


Bench Installation

I have been successful in recruiting Graham Fowler to oversee the reconstruction of the benches which we need to complete by April 15 if possible.

To achieve this, we are looking for volunteers able to use drills and wrenches.

Volunteers will be grouped in teams of four and we hope a team can complete one bench in under 3 hours. With enough teams we can get the job finished over 2-3 days.

Please let me know by email if you are able to help.


Andrew Adamson and Graham Fowler


Please add your availability during the period up to April 15 in case you’re away. We are looking to begin the project in better weather and need to know who to call.

Teams consist of four people. Two to drill concrete for the third frame and two to attach the plastic bars to existing frames.

Instruction: Graham will offer coaching, help and advice to all teams.

We will need heavy duty concrete drills and bits. Please let me know if you have one we can borrow, even if you can’t help.

Work may involve lying on your back or leaning over. Think of it as exercise!

Andrew Adamson

Week of December 18 – 24, 2023


A huge thank you to all of the generous members who contributed so freely to the club’s food bank donation box. You’ve out done yourselves again this year and the food bank truly appreciates each and every donation. You’ve helped make Christmas a little easier for many in need.

Merry Christmas
Wayne & Sheila Larocque,

Week of December 11 – 17, 2023

Holiday Message

The Executive,  the Board and myself would like to thank all those who volunteer, play, manage and support the club in anyway. You know who you all are and you are the reason for the club’s success. I am very honored to be your President. May I take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very happy and peaceful Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Cheers Trevor Motley

Week of December 4 – 10, 2023

Christmas Party

This is a reminder that the Club Christmas Party will be going ahead on Saturday 16th December. Previous details still apply with an extra emphasis that all food that you bring must be finger food. If to be served hot please preheat the food at home. It can be kept warm at the Club until required. Christmas sweaters to be worn please but not compulsory. Any further questions please contact Mick by email.



Details on the Secret Santa gift exchange: 

If you wish to participate in the gift exchange please bring a wrapped gift and place it on the gift table along with your name tag from the draw room. If you are a social member and don’t have a tag one will be made up for you at the gift table.  At some point during the day a name from the gift bag will be called and that person will pick a gift from under the tree and unwrap it. After the first gift has been unwrapped the next person can take either an unwrapped gift or choose a gift from under the tree. If your unwrapped gift is taken from you you will get to choose another one from under the tree and unwrap it. Unwrapped gifts cannot be hidden away.  A huge penalty may be inflicted, such as if we sing 12 days of Christmas you will get to perform solo 5 golden rings. Gifts can be appropriate for any sex.

Sandi Mitchell

Information for the Membership

Information for the Membership

As you are all now probably aware that Vicki has retired from her duties of Social Director. The first problem was that no one came forward to take over the job. The second was that due to this the kitchen would be closed completely.

After the AGM several of us had a discussion and decided, if the Board agreed, that I would take over the duties as Social Director with some conditions. This was that a new committee would be set up and initially the winter usage of the kitchen would continue and for the summer season only tea, coffee and goodies would be provided at all Club and Open Competitions, all lunches would be Brown Bag.

However, when the committee gets together, we are hoping to be able to organize and host at least a Christmas Party. This will only happen with the full involvement of the membership under the guidance of the Social Committee.

All other events needing refreshments other than tea, coffee and goodies, such as Canada Day, BC Day etc. will be organized and run by a separate volunteer committee. With initial assistance and guidance of the Social Committee.

Basically, the object is to keep the kitchen open and functional without the need for time and energy consuming full sit-down meals.

Finally, I must emphasize that this can only continue with the full cooperation and assistance from the membership.


Mick Banks